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A Healthy Conversation: My Back Is Killing Me

My Back is Killing Me If you have a desk job, this healthy conversation is for you! Hey there friend, welcome to A Healthy Conversation.  Okay now this is going to be an unusual episode. First of all, the love of my life is sitting across my office from me, he’s not in this particular

Healthy Conversation: You’re Not Getting Away With It Part 2

Today we’re going deeper into Alarm – Adaptation – Exhaustion DONNA:                     Hey there, welcome to another Healthy Conversation. So, we kind of bounce around we’re at different houses. I love that, you notice how he looks at me? He’ll look down at me and kind of grin. I’m like, “What is that?”   JOHN:                         I

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A Healthy Conversation–Take This and Get Rid of Pain

  DONNA:                     Hey there, welcome to another Healthy Conversation. So last episode we talked about Alarm, Adaptation, Exhaustion, talked about some of the symptoms of alarm, like pain. Today what we wanted to share with you, and this is pretty amazing is that there are things you can put into your body that will cause

A Healthy Conversation–How To Treat A Headache

Hey welcome to A Healthy Conversation. So, when we first introduced these, we said we were going to let people into our Kitchen because we sat with friends and people said, “Boy we wish could hang around you guys and hear what you talk about all the time.” We said, “Well, we’ll invite you into

A Healthy Conversation–Does Your Body Ache?

How To Alleviate All Over Body Pain Naturally   Hey there, welcome to A Healthy Conversation. You’ve been invited into our home, well into our kitchen, because here’s we sit a lot of times talking about health. And we’re going to have you be in on this conversation. We promised last week when we talked

A Healthy Conversation–How To Relieve Joint Pain

Are you struggling with pain in your joints? Has your physician given you or someone you care about options like joint replacement, scoping or steroids? If so, you’ll want to watch this!     Please  enjoy watching the video or read along with the transcript below.    JOHN:                  Okay, so what’s the puppy story again?

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How Does Losing Up To 4 Sizes In 4 Weeks Sound?

What if you could lose up to 4 sizes in 4 weeks? Talk about a jump start into the new year!   Losing up to four sizes in four weeks would probably be pretty motivating, right? Especially right now, at all times, I’m sure, but especially right now, losing up to four sizes in four

A Healthy Conversation: My Back Is Killing Me

Today we’re going to be talking about if you sit at a desk for a good amount of time during the day or if you find that you stand without the best posture this can lead to headaches, this can lead to curvature of the spine. Some folks say it could lead to degenerative disc

Overworked woman with back pain in office with bad posture

Why Sitting Shuts Down Your Glutes

Did you know when you sit your glutes actually shut down? Your glutes impact your hip movement, pelvic rotation and pelvic stability. When you sit for long periods of time (especially with poor posture) you hip flexors tighten up and prevent the activation of your glutes.  This can lead to issues with your pelvis and

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