How Does Losing Up To 4 Sizes In 4 Weeks Sound?

What if you could lose up to 4 sizes in 4 weeks?

Talk about a jump start into the new year!


Losing up to four sizes in four weeks would probably be pretty motivating, right? Especially right now, at all times, I’m sure, but especially right now, losing up to four sizes in four weeks.

Can it be done? Absolutely. It’s pretty common with our members. But look, I can tell you anything. I mean, it’s my program. You could go. Okay, sounds good, Donna. But let me talk to a real member. Good idea.

How about if you could talk to people who’ve actually done this, last up to four sizes in four weeks?

It’s pretty common, actually.

How about if not only you could talk to people who’ve done it. But you could ask them anything. You could ask them if they were hungry. You could ask them if the program is easy.  You could ask them what the program is like? What are the people like? What’s the food like?

So I know it sounds good…The idea of losing up to four sizes in four weeks. I know, that’s a given. I can introduce you to people who’ve actually done it. And you can ask them anything when you go to

Right there on the site, you’re going to meet people who have done this, you’re going to hear and watch and read about stories of real people from all over the nation who’ve lost up to four sizes in four weeks, you’re going to also have the availability of coming to a completely free seminar on how to lose up to four sizes in four weeks, then if you want it to be virtual, there’s the availability of a free webinar, same thing, the information is there, you can read it, you can watch it, you can listen to it. And you can also avail yourself of talking to a member who’s actually done it, you can talk to as many members as you like, as a matter of fact, and you can ask them anything.

I mean, it might go something like this…

“Okay, so I saw Donna’s message where she said I can lose up to four sizes in four weeks. I’d really like to do that right now. Is it really possible?” The member is going to give you their answer. What kind of results did you get? The member is going to give you their answer. And here’s the thing, they’re not just going to give you an answer about sizes. They’re not going to just give you an answer about inches or weight loss, although they’re going to give you those answers.

They’re going to tell you things like in less than four weeks, usually to my doctor took me on my blood pressure medication because my blood pressure was normal. My doctor took me off of anti-anxiety medicine, antidepressants, because my mood was stable. My doctor told me I didn’t need my cholesterol meds anymore because my cholesterol was normal. I mean, these health benefits are pretty common.

So what if you could lose up to four sizes in four weeks? I know especially right now that sounds good. But what if you were told by your doctor, you didn’t need to be on the diabetic medication anymore. That’s a pretty common thing for the folks that go through our program and a plethora of other meds, acid reflux, meds, meds for inflammation, meds for sleeping, even sleep apnea machines. I mean, there’s so many miraculous things taking place, but don’t take my word for it. You can ask them anything.

Go to Listen, watch, read. And if you decide you have more questions that weren’t answered yet, avail yourself of the free seminar or the free webinar where you can actually talk to people have a list of questions.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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