A Healthy Conversation–Take This and Get Rid of Pain


DONNA:                     Hey there, welcome to another Healthy Conversation. So last episode we talked about Alarm, Adaptation, Exhaustion, talked about some of the symptoms of alarm, like pain. Today what we wanted to share with you, and this is pretty amazing is that there are things you can put into your body that will cause pain. There are things that you can put into your body that will eliminate pain no matter where you’re at, is what we’ve been told.


JOHN:                         Simple things, too.


DONNA:                     Simply things. So, what we’re going to talk about, what John’s going to talk about is Omega 3s and Omega 6s and the way that you can eliminate all pain and inflammation is to get your 3s and your 6s right here in balance. They don’t even have to be perfect, just right here in balance. Now unfortunately we, most of us have lots and lots of 6s and that’s why we’ve got pain and inflammation because we don’t have balance, or it could be some other symptoms as well. But let’s talk about the really easy 6s to just flat out eliminate, right?


JOHN:                         Well, we were in a very in-depth class yesterday from a doctor that was giving us all types of foods that had high Omega 6 and low Omega 3s and so forth. The thing we have to really kind of get down to is the simplicity of what we’re talking about. Any time you have a trans-fat or a hydrogenated fat all these man-processed fats.


DONNA:                     Which are 6s, which are 6s.


JOHN:                         Yeah, but we bought into the fact that all saturated fats are bad for us, which they’re not. It’s the hydrogenated fats, it’s the trans-fats. Those are the man modified fats that become very inflammatory type of fats, very irritating type of fats. And those are the ones that kind of cause artery sludge. That’s what cause our arteries to block up. So, we know we want to stay away from a lot of those.


DONNA:                     So, let’s give examples of those.


JOHN:                         Well, anything you’re going to get in a bakery product or a deep-fried product or anything like that. Anything that’s deep fried usually has a lot of Omega 6 and a lot of trans-fats and a lot of hydrogenated fats. But even when you get into the good fats, that’s when it even gets more complicated because those are categorized as Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Now the Omega 3s and the Omega 6s are what we call EFA’s – Essential Fatty Acids. Those are the fats that really have to be balanced. If we have enough 3 and 6 our bodies will make the 9s the monounsaturated fats, the kind you get from avocados and olive oil.

So, Omega 3s, Omega 3s do basically four different things in your body and we get those mostly from fish oil, flax oil, nuts and seeds. They keep the myelin sheathing around our nerve endings, they lower cholesterol, the balance hormones up and they’re strong anti-inflammatories. Keys words there: anti-inflammatories.


DONNA:                     So, let’s go over what they do again? What are those four again?


JOHN:                         They keep the myelin sheathing around our nerve endings.


DONNA:                     And what does that do for us?


JOHN:                         So, you know we’re hearing about all the Alzheimer’s all the ALS, I mean that’s where the sheathing around the nerve endings gets worn. . .


DONNA:                     And the Omega 3s help with that?


JOHN:                         Help with that.


DONNA:                     What’s another one?


JOHN:                         They lower cholesterol.


DONNA:                     Well, we all know about that, don’t even need to talk about that.


JOHN:                         They balance hormones out.


DONNA:                     Oh, I’ve heard about people who have hormone issues.


JOHN:                         Exactly. But they’re strong anti-inflammatories.


DONNA:                     Which is pain?


JOHN:                         Which is pain.


DONNA:                     So, these are four incredible things that 3s will do. But here’s the thing. Most of us eat high 6.


JOHN:                         A lot of 6.


DONNA:                     Like to the way top of the roof, we eat high 6. And even if we don’t eat fast food, deep fried, baked goods, desserts, which that’s what a lot of eat so our 6s are through the roof. We’re eating meat.


JOHN:                         Lots of meats that we’re eating. I mean the only real one that we’re really getting a huge balance of good Omega 3s are wild caught salmon, I know you love sardines, these are really high in Omega 3. But you’re Omega 6s, primarily where we’re finding a lot of these 6s which are pro-inflammatory fats is in most of the oils we pick up. The corn oil, the canola oil, sunflower oil, the peanut oil, the soy oil.


DONNA:                     So, don’t cook with corn oil. Just don’t use it. Don’t use sunflower oil. What’s the best oil to use?


JOHN:                         Well coconut oil is one of my favorites.


DONNA:                     By far the best one.


JOHN:                         Yeah, and olive oil, we just talked about olive oil. You just asked me this morning, “Well should we cook in olive oil?” and I say, “No, it’s really a very, very what we call a low flash point or low burn point oil.” So, if you’re going to cook with any type of oil like that, make sure, make sure, make sure it’s a very low medium heat.


DONNA:                     I think it’s just coconut oil, it’s so good for you. Now let’s just sum this up by saying that most of us have a little bit of a struggle, honestly all of us. You and I have talked about it, so you too, getting the Omega 3s and Omega 6s in balance which is where we get rid of all pain. So, there’s something you can take.

So, there’s something you can take, you can take something to make this work and that magic component for us right now is?


JOHN:                         Fish oil.


DONNA:                     Fish oil.


JOHN:                         High Omega 3.


DONNA:                     So, let’s talk about that really quickly.


JOHN:                         High Omega 3. A lot of people look at a fish oil or Omega 3 and they will say, “Boy, I’m taking a thousand milligrams of Omega 3” but they really don’t understand that you have to look at the small numbers, the amount EPA and DHA that’s in it. The EPA is the part of the Omega 3 that’s good for your circulation, DHA is good for brain function. So, you have to take high amounts of that to balance out the Omega 6s which are the pro-inflammatories.


DONNA:                     So, what’s a high amount?


JOHN:                         Well, I tell my customers to do at least a couple thousand milligrams of EPA and DHA, that’s a good place to start. Now it really kind of depends on how much high Omega 6 food you’re taking in because you could. . .


DONNA:                     But most of us are taking in a lot. . .


JOHN:                         A lot more.


DONNA:                     High 6s.


JOHN:                         Well, most of the doctors are saying right now is at least three or four thousand milligrams of Omega 3 every day.


DONNA:                     Which is a perfect place I think for you to start. So, if you look at three to four thousand milligrams of fish oil.


JOHN:                         EPA and DHA.


DONNA:                     And you read your label like we’ve shared with you to do. We probably better do another Healthy Conversation on reading the label on the vitamin and supplement bottles, so you feel really confident with what to do there.


JOHN:                         Absolutely.


DONNA:                     So, it’s good stuff. Fish oil is good stuff.


JOHN:                         It’s great stuff.


DONNA:                     We feel good about and we’re going to see you next week. Thanks for coming and visiting our house again.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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