Somebody Needs To Hear This Right Now ~ Donna Krech

Sometimes you take a chance on someone, and all the indications are that it’s going to go in a direction you really thought it was going to go in… a really great direction.

But it doesn’t end up going in that direction.

I need to put this out there.

It’s certain that it not going in the direction you thought it would go, has nothing to do with you or your ability or who you are.

It is also nearly 100% certain that it didn’t come to fruition because they’re a bad person or they didn’t tell you the truth or they didn’t give you full disclosure on what was happening.

Please know, that if you were looking at getting involved with someone personally or professionally and you thought it was a serious match, but it didn’t end up going the way you thought it would…. something really difficult is going on in their world.

Show them some grace. Show them some mercy.

Don’t walk in unforgiveness. It’s a bad place to live.

And if you have shown someone grace and mercy in a situation like this, thank you for that.

Because I am one who has gone through some really difficult times and I noticed the people who formed their own opinions, judged me and/or were angry.

But I really, really noticed the people who sought to understand, who showed loved and who showed understanding.

If that’s you, thank you for being you.

If you’re judging someone or feeling angry right now, please please be encouraged to let that go.

I get it. You may feel it’s justified or think it will make you feel better.

It won’t.

Bitterness and lack of forgiveness are like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Carry on.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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