A Healthy Conversation–Does Your Body Ache?

How To Alleviate All Over Body Pain Naturally


Hey there, welcome to A Healthy Conversation.

You’ve been invited into our home, well into our kitchen, because here’s we sit a lot of times talking about health. And we’re going to have you be in on this conversation. We promised last week when we talked about John’s joint pain and how you relieved that with MSN, Glucosamine Chondroitin and fish oil…hat we would follow-up by talking to you, because so many of you have asked, “What do I do if I don’t have joint pain, but I just have pain?”



DONNA:             And somewhere in the mix of our conversation we’re going to talk about how I like things to happen. . .


JOHN:                  Yesterday?


DONNA:             Well, you know or the day before sometimes.


JOHN:                  The day before yesterday, closer to it.


DONNA:             Yeah. So, okay the recap; you had joint pain.


JOHN:                  Knee pain giving me a lot of problems. . .



DONNA:             Yep.


JOHN:                  . . .over the last thirty years. The three things I took, basically to get rid of it, was Glucosamine Chondroitin was the first one.


DONNA:             Got it.


JOHN:                  MSM was the second one.


DONNA:             Yep.


JOHN:                  Fish oil or Omega 3’s, as they’re called, was the third one.


DONNA:             And what you did is you took all three of these. . .


JOHN:                  All three of them.


DONNA:             . . .all day long for a few days. And you can go back, all of these episodes of A Healthy Conversation are archived, so you can go back to get all the details that we talked about there.


JOHN:                  Sure.


DONNA:             But what I wanted to talk about, which—okay now again, this is going to be very candid because these are the conversations that you and I have that we kind of go around about. Because you’ll say, “Well, it’s got to be this” and I’ll go, “Well, no it isn’t that for this person I know. And it isn’t that for me. And it isn’t this for. . .” Yeah.


JOHN:                  It’s not a universal fix, I guess is probably it.


DONNA:             So if a person were to say to us, the question that was to say to us, the question that we hear over dinner a lot, “Well, I’m just hurting, I ache. I don’t have joint pain, but I ache.” What’s the first thing that you tell them?


JOHN:                  The first thing that comes to mind are statin drugs for lowering cholesterol. There are more negative things that come out of these statin drugs, under reported side effects, muscles aches and pains. And I usually tell my customers, “Go see your doctor. See if you can get off these things. Maybe get into doing something else because your heart is also a muscle, so if it’s affecting your muscles in a negative way, it’s affecting your heart in a negative way as well.”


DONNNA:           So, now listen closely, because again this is how these conversations go between us. I’ll go, “Well not everybody’s on statin drugs”. What if somebody’s still hurting, still aching?


JOHN:                  Well the big issue that we all have and they say this is what’s causing so many of the problems that we have in this country, is excessive inflammation. Now inflammation is your body’s response to basically an infection or an injury.


DONNA:             See now that word is a word that you and I have . . .


JOHN:                  Wrestled with.


DONNA:             Wrestled with. Because I think everybody really understands that if they get a cut right here on their hand, we all know how it gets really red, scabs over, sometimes it’s itchy, right?


JOHN:                  Sure.


DONNA:             That’s everything rushing to that place.


JOHN:                  That’s good inflammation.


DONNA:             Okay.


JOHN:                  If I have an infected tooth, what happens? It blows up, so that’s good inflammation because it’s trying to heal it.


DONNA:             Go in there and trying to repair it.


JOHN:                  Exactly.


DONNA:             But, the other kind of inflammation is if I get achy somewhere in my body, what we need to remember, and this really did—once he finally got this through to me, this made a difference—if I’m achy somewhere in my body, the same theory applies, something’s going on in that spot, right?


JOHN:                  We’re doing something and most of the time it’s lifestyle that has something to do with that. And what they’re finding that most of it has to do with the bad fats that we’re eating today, the trans fats, the hydrogenated fats which are very inflammatory fats.


DONNA:             So, inflammatory, if I’m hurting, if I have achy legs, right? You’re saying, Okay, something’s going on and your body is going into repair mode inside, which is why you have pain, throbbing, kind like we can relate to around our teeth, right?


JOHN:                  Right.


DONNA:             So that inflammation is something that’s got to be treated. So let’s go back now, MSM, Fish Oil, Glucosamine Chondroitin  Do I need to take, if I have just achiness or, again, people just kind of feel like flu like sometimes, do they need to take all three? What would you say?


JOHN:                  I usually start people off on the thing that’s probably the easiest and the least expensive one, which is MSM, which is organic sulfur, which is a very abundant mineral in our bodies. It’s good for connective tissue, hair, skin and nails so it really helps your hair, skin and nails repair, but it’s a great anti-inflammatory.


DONNA:             And would we tell them. . .would we tell our friend here what you tell me and that’s three, three times a day for a while until it subsides?


JOHN:                  Usually a good therapeutic dosing is, I start them off at about three a day and they’re 1000 milligram capsules and you can take three to six as a nice starting point.


DONNA:             Three, three times a day or one three times a day?


JOHN:                  Take three a couple times a day. So anywhere from about six to about nine of them a day. It sounds like an awful lot, but it’s…


DONNA:             But here’s where I’ll say it really does work. With me it’s been anything from, like when I would run, same thing as you and knee pain.


JOHN:                  Sure.


DONNA:             But then just it will help the inflammation subside, it really does.


JOHN:                  Cuts it down dramatically.


DONNA:             This is the supplement education. I think what we want to do on our next episode is talk about the foods. Let’s talk about those fats. Let’s talk about that kind of stuff. And what I love about the MSM thing is that the result is quick, it happens quick.


JOHN:                  Quick even for you.


DONNA:             Quick even me. So, as you’ve picked up I’m sure, he’s a little bit more the patient, I’m a little bit more the ramrodder. Which is why this marriage works very well, why I’m crazy about you.


JOHN:                  Amen, right back at ya.


DONNA:             Alright, we’ll see you guys next episode.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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