A Healthy Conversation–How To Relieve Joint Pain

Are you struggling with pain in your joints?

Has your physician given you or someone you care about options like joint replacement, scoping or steroids? If so, you’ll want to watch this!


Please  enjoy watching the video or read along with the transcript below. 


JOHN:                  Okay, so what’s the puppy story again?


DONNA:             Okay. The puppy story is the very story you told me this morning.


JOHN:                  Oh, that puppy story.


DONNA:             About the guy not wanting a puppy. Like the guy was talking to his friend.


JOHN:                  Well, the woman says, the wife says to the man, we need to get a puppy.


DONNA:             And the man said?


JOHN/DONNA:  I don’t want a puppy.


JOHN:                  So, they compromised and they got a puppy.


DONNA:             [Laughs] Which is how we make. . .


JOHN:                  That’s the way the marriages work.


DONNA:             That’s the way you make a marriage work. That’s how you make a marriage work. I know that you women, and I bet you men too, can probably relate to that. You compromise, you get the puppy. It makes perfect sense to me actually. If you’re part of our email. . .


JOHN:                  Me too.


DONNA:             You too?  If you’re a part of our email list and you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have dubbed Fridays, Funny Fridays. John was telling me this joke this morning about the puppy to put on my Funny Fridays joke page. It reminded of about twenty-five years ago when you and I were getting to get married and I was having a meeting with my team in Columbus. It was Cork and Cleaver, I remember where it was in Worthington. And I asked you to drive down from Canton to meet the team, right? And you told me that your knee was. . .?


JOHN:                  Killing me.


DONNA:             Yeah, badly.


JOHN:                  Lots of pain.


DONNA:             And much like the puppy story I convinced you that you needed to come anyway. I remember standing there talking to my room of people and in the back of the room, which is where the stairs were, how you came up into the room. I saw you. . .


JOHN:                  Hobbling up the steps. Crawling, almost crawling up the steps.


DONNNA:           Yeah, more like crawling. And I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh he’s in so much pain.” So today, we decided that we would share with our folks on A Healthy Conversation about joint pain. Because that pain sort of, kind of came and went. It stayed with you, well our entire married life, right?


JOHN:                  It was not that bad. I mean it was livable and every once in a while you get a little bit of pain here, a little bit of pain there, but no big deal. Until about two years ago when I decided to start jogging, which was probably the craziest thing I could have done. It just aggravated the whole knee incident. Anyway, I’m in a lot of pain again. Walking up steps, walking down steps, anytime I put any kind of pressure on the knee it was just killing me.


Well, after about six months, because guys don’t like to go to doctors, I decided I’m going to go to an orthopedic surgeon and see what he has to say. He does x-rays and he says, “Well, you have good news and you have bad news coming.” He says, “The good news is your right knee is perfect. You’re left knee is bone on bone.


DONNA:             Which is not good.


JOHN:                  Not good.


DONNA:             No cushion there.


JOHN:                  No.  So, I said “What are my options?” He said, “Well, we can give you a brand new knee, knee replacement.


DONNA:             Surgery.


JOHN:                  Surgery. I said, “No I don’t want to do that.” He said, “Or, we can clean it out, clean the debris out from inside.”


DONNA:             Also invasive.


JOHN:                  Exactly. He really didn’t want to do that. He said, “The third option is we can give you some steroids, take down the inflammation.”


DONNA:             And you definitely didn’t want to do that.


JOHN:                  I don’t like steroids. He said, “Well, you’re the Planet Health guy. You can go back to your store and you can start taking some anti-inflammatories, some natural things.” He said, “I’ll give you brace for your knee. If you have to do anything that’s going to be really taxing to the knee. . .


DONNA:             Wear the brace.


JOHN:                  . . .wear the brace.”


DONNA:             Like when we moved Chastity into her place you were good.


JOHN:                  Exactly. Exactly.


DONNA:             So you went back and you told me that you took not one, not two, but three different anti-inflammatories, so let’s talk about those.


JOHN:                  Well the first one was Glucosamine Chondroitin.


DONNA:             Which is what?


JOHN:                  It’s a great anti-inflammatory. The second one is MSM, which is another anti-inflammatory, and the third one is fish oil. Now, I started taking quite a bit of all three of them. The reason being is because a lot of times you take three different things that all do the same thing, there’s a synergism about them. In other words, one plus one can actually equal twenty or fifty times the benefit.


DONNA:             So then rather than going into the super details of all three, which we’ll definitely  do in another episode, we’re just going to talk about you took three. . .I know you took three MSM three times a day because if I run and my knees hurt, that’s what you have me do. I know you’ve said a person can take MSM to make their hair thicker or the nails stronger.


JOHN:                  Yes I did.


DONNA:             But for joint pain three, three times a day is what you took. How much Chondroitin.


JOHN:                  Glucosamine Chondroitin is about 1500 milligrams Glucosamine, 1200 Chondroitin and there’s a lot of different grades of it. You have to buy it from a reputable store before you really get the benefit from it. Same thing with fish oil, it’s another anti-inflammatory.


DONNA:             So how much Chondroitin did you take?


JOHN:                  Well its 1200 Chondroitin, 1500 Glucosamine and that really depends on. . .


DONNA:             How many a day of those?


JOHN:                  That depends because sometimes you can get two tablets which you only have to take two or three. . .


DONNA:             So it’s the number of units?


JOHN:                  Exactly.


DONNA:             Okay. And obviously the potency and we always tell folks that you’ve got to go to a reputable health food store. I mean it’s, we kindly say mass market, but truth be known, when we’re standing here talking, we say no Wal-Mart, no Walgreens, no CVS. It’s just you’ve got to go to a real, almost what they call a mom and pop, but where somebody really does research, health food store.


JOHN:                  You’re buying it based on price, not quality. And that’s where most people kind of fall down when they buy supplements. Long story short though, in about three days, probably 95% of my pain was gone and I’ve been pretty much pain free for about the last eight or nine months and it’s been working really well.


DONNA:             And fish oil you added to that because it’s an Omega 3.


JOHN:                  It’s an Omega 3 which is another anti-inflammatory. We should be taking fish oil anyway, I mean it’s just great stuff to be taking.


DONNA:             So that combination of MSM, Glucosamine Chondroitin and fish oil, in three days, got rid of joint pain that you’d kind of been dealing with on and off for twenty-five years.


JOHN:                  Especially the last six months before that.


DONNA:             Where it was really bad.


JOHN:                  Now, let me just emphasize, most of the time it doesn’t work like that. Most of the time when you’re taking something natural to try to get rid of pain. . .


DONNA:             It takes a little longer.


JOHN:                  About a month or two most of the time.


DONNA:             Yeah because you like to tell me that. You like to tell me stop expecting results over night.


JOHN:                  Exactly.


DONNA:             Because I tend to like things to happen really quickly, because that would be my personality.


JOHN:                  Yes, I’ve heard that.


DONNA:             So what if somebody just doesn’t take the product. Because I know a question you’re going to ask is “What if I don’t want to take all three?” I mean what if they don’t want to take all three?


JOHN:                  Well, there’s nothing wrong with taking one of them at a time. I mean, I did it.


DONNA:             You loaded up.


JOHN:                  I loaded up.


DONNA:             Because you wanted to ensure. . .


JOHN:                  I wanted to get rid of the pain as quickly as I possibly could. Now you can take MSM by itself, you take Glucosamine by itself, fish oil by itself, and most people get some decent results from that.


DONNA:             Well you know what, it’s not always joint pain. Sometimes, and you’ve given us this question, it’s flu like symptoms. Like all of a sudden you just ache, you’re body just hurts. Your legs ache, it’s not really joint pain. So on the next episode can we talk about that?


JOHN:                  Sure.


DONNA:             They may not need all three, and it may not be joint pain. It may just be that their legs hurt or that they’re kind of achy.


JOHN:                  Achy.


DONNA:             Right? And we deal with that a lot. What to do with the achy. So if there’s joint pain, get some good MSM, Chondroitin Glucosamine and fish oil. If there isn’t joint pain, we’ll talk about that next episode?


JOHN:                  Sounds like a plan.


DONNA:             In the meantime, I want to get a puppy.


JOHN:                  We’re not getting a puppy.


JOHN:                  So we’ll get a puppy.


DONNA:             See you next time.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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