A Healthy Conversation–Fixing Acid Reflux

Learn the real reason acid reflux happens and how the fix is just the opposite of what we’ve always been told.


Hey there, I’m Donna Krech and welcome again to A Healthy Conversation. Alright now you can tell it’s Christmas time around here, but regardless of when you this video, it’s going to give you information to help you with. . .Well do you have acid reflux? Indigestion? Any kind of stomach issues whatsoever? This episode is going to help you and my Christmas trees are going to help you understand.

One of my favorite things are remote controls for the Christmas tree lights. Now watch this, hopefully this is going to work. Pretty cool right? So here’s what happens, when this signal goes to those tree lights the trees lights go on and when the tree lights go on, I smile. The same exact thing is true when you chew your food. When you chew, a signal goes to your brain that says “Hey go to work proton pumps” and that signal goes to the stomach.

Well, here’s the thing, if that signal isn’t working quite correctly, or if you’re a certain age, then those digestive enzymes, well they just don’t produce anymore. But you can do something about them, you can smile, like my Christmas tree lights make me smile.

Okay Mr. Krech come on in. I know you didn’t know I was going to explain it that way, so I’m sure you’ve got something to say with me.

JOHN:                  Are you through playing with the trees now?


DONNA:             [Laughs]


JOHN:                  See what I have to put up with?


DONNA:             [Laughs] So, what I’m hoping you’ll do and there’s our friend who we’ve inviting into our home, tell him what you told me many times about digestive enzymes.


JOHN:                  Well, digestive enzymes are something that our body to break down our food. Unfortunately, with the onset of age, between twenty and fifty, we lose about half of our digestive enzymes and about half of our hydrochloric acid. So the food that used to leave our stomachs instantaneously when we are twenty, I joked I used to be able to bricks when I was twenty it would digest, I can’t do it anymore.


DONNA:             I’ve never seen him eat a brick.


JOHN:                  So, what’s happening to us is the food’s getting stuck there.


DONNA:             So let’s review a little bit. When I chew, right, you told me that the signal goes to my brain, “She’s chewing, get ready”. The signal then goes to the stomach, “Hey proton pumps, turn on”.


JOHN:                  Proton pumps start producing hydrochloric acid. The hydrochloric acid basically makes your food melt. That’s a simple way of putting it. It also kills off all of the bad germs in your stomach that go in there with your food.


DONNA:             So we need that acid?


JOHN:                  We need the acid.


DONNA:             To get the food doing it’s supposed to do.


JOHN:                  Exactly.


DONNA:             So if I take a little purple pill or a Prilosec that’s making the acid go away, when actually I want that acid producing?


JOHN:                  Exactly. The big lie that we’ve all been told is that we have too much stomach acid, which in reality we really don’t have enough.


DONNA:             We don’t have enough.


JOHN:                  So if you have acid reflux, it probably doesn’t hurt to take a proton pump inhibitor for a couple of weeks, to shut off the stomach acids so your esophagus will heal.


DONNNA:           Can heal because there’s some damage maybe.


JOHN:                  But not much more than a couple of weeks. That’s where we all run into problems, we take them for years.


DONNA:             So let’s talk digestive enzymes because they go down in production, they occur naturally, but between twenty and fifty they really go down. So what do we do?


JOHN:                  So you can take a supplement, you can take digestive enzymes with every meal and boy they really help with your digestion.


DONNA:             And it’s right after we eat?


JOHN:                  Right after we eat.


DONNA:             I mean we go out to a restaurant and I can tell you he slides a couple across the table. Now I will tell you I’m smaller, so we have found that one works for me.


JOHN:                  One works good for you.


DONNA:             Is good, yeah. And you can find these digestive enzymes at donnakrechstore.com. If you have questions of any kind, get them to us, we’ll be happy to answer them. And again, see, did you see my parallel there? See the remote control is the signal, like I’m chewing signal to my brain. And the lights goes on and I smile like the brain. . .


JOHN:                  I get it.


DONNA:             I’m clever, right?


JOHN:                  Yeah, you sure are.


DONNA:             I know, right? Okay you guys see you next week. I love you.


JOHN:                  Love you too.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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