The Cancer Is Not Where The Biggest Danger Is By Donna Krech

The Cancer Is Not Where the Biggest Danger Is…


The biggest danger is in how we react or respond to the cancer. How we think about it. What our mindset is. How we respond mentally, emotionally and spiritually…. that is the biggest danger.

In spiritual terms, I would put it this way. The cancer is not what the enemy uses to attack your healing, your joy and your peace… Your reaction to the cancer is what the enemy is counting on, so to destroy your healing, your joy and your peace.

The enemy wants you to feel conquered, not that you are the conqueror.

Let me put it this way. My husband has gone through cancer many times at this point in our lives. We have talked, with each cancer, how things weigh heavier each time.

With the 1st cancer we were so faith filled, we barely even noticed it.

With the 2nd one it had more of each of our minds consumed, but we spoke only life-giving, hope-filled words, out loud.

With the 3rd one we were in major warfare mode. What I mean by that is, we were praising all the time so to overcome any fear or negative thoughts. We blared praise music. We sang praise songs. We posted praise posters.

By the 4th one, we were fearful. We cried out to God to bind that fear, while we still did these other things. He did.

With the 5th one, we focused on getting past it, while dealing with what was going through our spirits and our minds.

With the threat of the last one, there was a tension, uncertainty, blatant absent mindedness and forgetfulness and more. I can tell you that we have talked each other through this, and we have reminded each other what we knew in the very beginning.

And what we knew from the very beginning was that the attack wasn’t the threat of the cancer. The attack was in how we reacted or responded to it. What we knew from the beginning was that there’s more power in praise than there is anything else.

To say this helped us is the understatement of all time!

The biggest danger to our healing, our joy and our peace is not the cancer. Nor, is the threat of the cancer. How we react to it or respond to it is the biggest danger. And that’s what the enemy likes to use.

So today, what I would share with you is this.

Whether it’s actual cancer you’re facing or whether it’s divorce, bankruptcy, losing a career or some other kind of major shock that knocks you off your feet… know that the real threat is not that major shock.

The real threat to your healing, your joy and your peace is how you respond to that issue.

I would ask you to check that.

I would ask you to think about finding all the things you have to be grateful for.

I would ask you to quote life-giving words out loud.

I would ask you to read healing scripture and scripture that reminds you how much of a conqueror you are and read them out loud.

I would ask you to sing life giving songs, out loud and loudly.

I would ask you to post life giving words around the area where you function.

I would ask you to pray praise prayers for all that is good in your life.

I give you my word… it won’t feel like the attack is nearly as heavy. Because your spirit and your mind will be full of healing, joy and peace!!!

And THAT will not only prove that the cancer isn’t the biggest danger…. it will make YOU the conqueror!!!!

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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