Amazing Member: Lisa “Leeza Ann” Provencher

Help us celebrate another amazing member!

Lisa is…

  • Down 20 lbs. and 19 inches in 30 days.
  • Off of blood pressure medication!
  • She has more energy and is sleeping like a baby!
  • Enjoying people noticing her successes

“The program has given me a whole new mindset. Thinking positive and with willpower, I will succeed.

The program has taught me how I think about food in relation to my emotions. Being more aware of these things has me questioning ‘why do I want to eat that?’ The program is teaching me how to deal with those issues.

I feel more energetic. I’m not tired all the time. I sleep all night. My whole life is changing for the good. Losing 20lbs in 30 days proves that I can lose more.” ~Leeza Ann

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Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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