How To Be Fueled Not Fried By Donna Krech

Well… aren’t the words on this image just absolutely PERFECT?!

This morning my hubby, John, and I were discussing what it means to be in a place where you can endure stress and be fueled, rather than fried, at the end of a day.

I was telling him how I have always known that exercise helped do that because I exercised faithfully for decades. And, that when I got away from it, stress set it. And, how, now that I am back to it, I will never stop again.

I was also telling him how being in your gift fuels you because you’re in your flow. And, how constant gratitude fuels you because it fills you with massive positive energy.

I was also sharing how being around people who work well with your gift fuels you because it keeps the gift nurtured and how dreaming and setting goals fuel you because they keep you excited.

And… this image reminds me of something in addition to all of that. It reminds me that doing silly, frivolous and/or fun things fuel you too.

Playing in the rain, dancing in the kitchen, singing at the top of our lungs, having a sleepover, shopping till we drop, meeting a friend for wine, playing make believe, reading with a character’s voice, redecorating a room, having a decadent dinner, jumping on a trampoline, swinging on the swings, buying the pretty shoes, taking a spontaneous trip, building a tent in the living room, building a sandcastle on the beach or making cupcakes just because you can.

Whatever! These can all fuel us!

And, the bottom line is this. Fueling us always makes us happy!

What frivolous and/or silly thing do YOU do that fuels you and makes you happy????

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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