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Hey there friends. Welcome to a Healthy Conversation. Well usually its John and I here talking. Last week you got to hear from just John, so this week you’re going to hear from just me. Things are crazy busy around us, which is a very, very good thing. I came into this year with two specific rules for myself, you might call new goals, and I am crushing one of them which is going to allow the other one to happen.

He’s done the same thing with his business, so he is just so busy. So, I’m going to make this quick, but I got to tell you this week’s lesson is powerful. If I ask you, would you like to know the key to losing weight and keeping it off, not just losing weight keeping it off forever, feeling fantastic even feeling years younger.

I have to tell you; you know I’ve been in weight loss for 30 years. What you may not know is what I’m about to make as my confession. My confession is I don’t like diets. Actually, I can get pretty passionate and tell you I detest diets. And the reason I don’t like diets is because they’re temporary. They certainly work, you lose, but then you regain. The reason I’ve always been a fan of Thin&Healthy Total Solutions is because there’s so much variety and therefore so many choices that a person can eat their favorite foods and still lose weight.

And that would be the way to keep weight off if in fact we started from baseline. Well, that’s what I have to share with you today. It’s information I’ve been researching for a while. I’m excited out of my mind about this. Not only for the results that are coming for our weight loss members, but for the results we’re getting from a business perspective as well. It’s win, win, win for everybody.

Now when I say to you “What do you suppose prevents weight loss? What’s the one component that prevents weight loss the most?” Some people might say well it’s pushing yourself back from the table, or it’s not exercising enough, it’s eating too big a portion. And the thing is none of those is the real culprit.

The Number 1 reasons that people struggle with losing weight, or they lose a little bit, and they stop, or they lose and regain, or they have unexplained weight gain, is because of hormones. Now when you think of hormones with regard to weight loss you might think insulin. That would be a fair statement, but that’s one hormone. And insulin has a lot to do with weight loss. Everybody pretty much knows that. What we’re doing with this 20/30—I love saying 20 pounds in 30 Days Fast Track to Health and Weight Loss—what we’re doing with that is getting insulin in balance. But hold on their five other hormones that are contributing to this issue.

Now when we think of hormones, we think of the word estrogen. That’s another one but there’s also progesterone, there’s also testosterone. And the two that people rarely think of are thyroid and cortisol. In my research I have found that there are seven foods that influence our cortisol levels: seven foods. Seven foods that raise cortisol levels and if cortisol levels go up in your body it is nearly impossible for you to lose weight.

I’m stoked about this because when I educate folks on this, they can keep their weight off. Now there’s the confession. I don’t want to be involved in something where folks can’t keep their weight off. So, I’m so excited to make 20/30 the fast start that launches into a person learning how to listen to their body, and you can do it too.

So, listen if you haven’t gotten involved in 20/30 yet or you’re interested in it as a business opportunity, make sure that you call us at 419.991.1223.  If you’re looking to lose some weight you can go to www.howtheylosttheweight.com. If you’re looking for the business opportunity, I’ve got to tell you I am excited, because it’s a group presentation, no staff, no overhead, weight loss income, and you are helping people like you’ve never helped them before.

So again, there are six key hormones that are getting in the way of us losing weight. There are six key hormones that are causing unexplained weight gain and there are seven foods that you can watch that will get your cortisol levels back in balance again, not to mention the things we can do with our mind and our spirit as well.

I’m excited about this information because it treats the whole person. And that’s what we’re in it for the whole person. And you and I we’re in it together. I’ll see you next week on A Healthy Conversation.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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