A Healthy Conversation–Sweeteners Cause Disease

Hey there. Welcome to A Healthy Conversation. Well, you know we’ve been talking about the 20/30 Plan, the 20 Pounds in 30 Days Plan. A couple of nights ago I was with a group of people. and I was explaining this plan to them how migraines were gone, blood pressure stabilized, blood sugar stabilized, acid reflux is eliminated. I mean great health benefits not to mention the 20 pounds in 30 days.

And I was educating folks on what Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi and artificial sweeteners do to your body. What they do is they raise your blood sugar level therefore your insulin level goes up. And ultimately your body goes into fat storage. So Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi could make you gain weight, definitely makes you hungry. And that’s what I was educating on.

A guy in the audience said to me “Now wait a minute you’re saying—as I was saying—that Stevia is a great alternative. You’re saying that these packets make me think that it’s sugar and the same affect happens with my body. Why doesn’t that happen with Stevia?” I said first of all, this is not a placebo effect. This is not your mind thinking it this is a real physiological thing that’s going on in your body. When you put an artificial into your body your blood sugar level rises just like with simple carbs. And when your blood sugar level rises your insulin goes up, when your insulin goes up your body goes into instant fat storage.” (Continued below the video.)

So I’m telling you right now the pink packet, you know this one the Sweet’N Low right the saccharin, the yellow packet we know that as Splenda, and the blue packet we know that as Equal that aspartame. These are bad news. They’re going to make you hungry if you use them. They’re going to make your body go into fat storage. That’s natural sugar we’ll talk about that in a second, but there’s your best choice it’s Stevia. It won’t affect your blood sugar level and you will lose weight. And it’s good it’s a natural sweetener. What I said to him is “It’s natural it’s kind of like chewing on a sweet leaf it won’t have that physiological affect in your body that you don’t want to have.”

Now you’ve been educated briefly on what this will do physiologically to your insulin level. Now we’re going to bring John in. So I know these are like your…

John:                        Poison.

Donna:                                 …poison. I mean he won’t touch one of those first three packets. I want you to share with our folks that are with us what’s going on with that pink, that yellow and that blue? Like the insulin level isn’t bad enough right. Poison I mean you call them poison.

John:                        Yes, let’s do the basics okay. The Sweet’N Low, the saccharin is the one that has the worse reputation and really if you’re going to have anything is probably one of the better ones to have. They did studies on mice about 25 years ago.

Donna:                     Not on Stevia though.

John:                        No, no.

Donna:                     If you’re going to have pink, yellow or blue, pink’s your choice.

John:                        Yes.

Donna:                     Okay.

John:                        Stevia is artificial, all of these are.

Donna:                     Okay.

John:                        But actually, they fed mice like palms of this stuff and I think that they’ve developed cancer, which was absolutely ridiculous because nobody’s going to eat palms of this.

Donna:                     Yes, that would have been like hundreds and hundreds of pounds a day for us.

John:                        Exactly. So it’s almost irrelevant but if you have to have anything that’s the least of the…

Donna:                     Of the artificial.

John:                        Of the artificial one.

Donna:                     Got it.

John:                        Okay. Splenda or sucralose is actually closer to DDT, which is an insecticide, than it is to the sugar.

Donna:                     Not good.

John:                        Not good. Also, they found that Splenda knocks down the beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract that gives you all your immune system by as much as 50%, so it really plays havoc with your whole system.

Donna:                     So taking this is going to mess up my gut.

John:                        Mess up your gut.

Donna:                     Like our digestion isn’t bad enough…

John:                        Isn’t bad enough already.

Donna:                     …already. Okay.

John:                        Exactly. Equal the third one.

Donna:                     That’s your arch enemy.

John:                        That’s my favorite one of all okay.

Donna:                     He’s being sarcastic, by the way.

John:                        Yeah it’s just terrible. I mean beside all the things we’ve heard before, the methyl alcohol which turns into formaldehyde in your system.

Donna:                     So we’re pickling our body.

John:                        I always joke with my customers I say, “If you know where you’re going to be buried, the funeral tell them you want a discount because you’re already pickling your insides already.”

Donna:                     We laugh but it’s really not funny right.

John:                        No, it’s the truth. I mean all kinds of mental problems. I mean…

Donna:                     Brain cancer even somehow.

John:                        …brain cancer yeah. I mean look it up online you’ll be just amazed all the negative stuff it does. Sugar, once again everything in moderation.

Donna:                     If you’re going to do the real stuff use it in moderation.

John:                        Yes. A few packets are not going to hurt you.

Donna:                     So here’s the thing, sugar is best if used in moderation, but the thing is there’s still calories there that are still going to put some fat on our body. So if we take sugar away and you’re darn set on choosing between artificials, which isn’t a good idea, but if you must choose from artificials that pink guy right there…

John:                        The pink one is the best of the three.

Donna:                     …the best choice. These need to be set on fire as far as…

John:                        Yes exactly.

Donna:                     …as you’re concerned.

John:                        The blue one’s the worse one.

Donna:                     But this is the best choice. Let’s talk Stevia real quick.

John:                        Stevia. Natural sweetener, it’s a natural plant, okay. It does not reach our blood sugar level. It does not give your body false signals.

Donna:                     And people challenge that. People go well if it’s sweet it’s going to raise my blood sugar level. No it doesn’t. It doesn’t.

John:                        It’s not artificial.

Donna:                     It’s real.

John:                        It’s real, it’s natural.

Donna:                     And what you’ve told me about these is they’re actually engineered to be sweeter…

John:                        Sweeter than sugar.

Donna:                     …than sugar.

John:                        Exactly.

Donna:                     So they make my blood sugar level go up even more that’s why the whole Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi thing.

John:                        Exactly.

Donna:                     This does not.

John:                        Exactly.

Donna:                     So it’s sweet. You carry it everywhere you go.

John:                        I use it all the time. I use a little one I dump it into my iced tea.

Donna:                     It’s liquid as you can see and there’s powder.

John:                        Powder.

Donna:                     The powder’s available. If you’re local the powder is available at www.fullyalivenation.com or your local TotalLife distributor.  It will not increase your blood sugar level and no harmful side effects.

John:                        Harmful side effects.

Donna:                     All kinds of harmful side effects here.

John:                        From those.

Donna:                     I’m going to set these on fire. We’re going to go burn these right now. Okay see you guys later.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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