A Healthy Conversation–Ketogenic Eating Starves Cancer

What’s Even Better Than Losing Weight And Not Being Hungry While You Do It?


Hey there welcome to A Healthy Conversation.

So, listen we’re going to bridge from last week right to this week. Last week I was alone this week I’m back with John again. And last week I talked to you about a way to lose weight 20 Pounds in 30 Days without being hungry. Very simply it was around ketogenic eating. We’re going to talk about what ketogenic means here in a second.

The two things I want you to remind you of are when you eat ketogenically you are not going to be hungry and you’re going to lose weight very quickly. You’re going to feel incredibly and you’re just going to go up all sorts of things. But you will lose weight quickly and you will not be hungry. I’m going to say that again, when you eat ketogenically because your body is feeding off your own fat, you won’t be hungry. You can’t eat ketogenically and be hungry. You won’t be hungry.

So that’s pretty good news for people who want to lose weight, but there’s even better news. Now as you know John is a cancer researcher because you’re a cancer survivor. So, you’re pretty fascinated with that subject and as you started researching you found out that ketogenic is kind of, well a miracle when it comes to…

John:            Starving cancer cells.

Donna:         …cancer. So, let’s talk about starving cancer cells.  (continued below)

John:            Well going back to some of the old time doctors, because since nobody really has the cure for cancer or knows that much about curing it, Dr. Otto Warburg who is a German scientist, as well as a physician back in the 1920s and ’30s, actually discovered that if you take cancer cells the two most prevalent things that cancer cells have all in common is they all burn sugar as an energy source. They don’t use oxygen. That’s very, very important. And they have a very, very low PH to them.

Donna:         Okay.

John:            So, when you take cancer cells and you take the sugar burning affect away from them, they go on the ketogenic diet which basically…

Donna:         Meaning in layman’s terms, don’t feed them sugar.

John:            Don’t feed them sugar.

Donna:         Okay.

John:            Force the body to start burning fat rather than sugar.

Donna:         Because you’re not feeding them sugar.

John:            Exactly. A lot of different types of cancers cannot survive because they can’t burn ketones, which is the byproduct of the fat burning process.

Donna:         So very simply if we’re not feeding sugar into our system, we’re not feeding that cancer cell sugar and that cancer cell needs sugar in order to survive, not layman’s terms is what I’m doing.

John:            By the way, it’s kind of funny, because the whole basis for pet scans today go back to Dr. Warburg’s research back in the ’30s.

Donna:         Right.

John:            Pretty fascinating stuff.

Donna:         Right. So, you had a customer at Planet Health who you shared this with.

John:            I had been telling quite a few people that have cancer to just go on the diet. What’s it going to hurt? You’re eating great and you have good meats and vegetables and so forth.

Donna:         Very healthy.

John:            She had bone cancer and she said, “I’ll do it”, she says. I went into the doctor. My oncologist says that when he went into my bones, we found the tumor markers were 60, which means I think it was 60% bone cancer she had. She came back about three months later all smiles and she says, “My markers are back down to 10 right now and the doctor wants to know what I’m doing he can’t believe it.”

Well she just came in about two or three weeks ago her markers are now five, which means there is no bone cancer left. She was just elated. She says “I can’t believe I don’t have…”

Donna:         Now let’s push pause a second.

John:            Okay.

Donna:         Because we want to make sure that we send a message. We’re not telling you that we can cure cancer. We’re not saying that.

John:            Simple diet.

Donna:         But we are telling you that a cancer cell needs sugar to survive. So common sense would say don’t feed your body sugar and you want feed the cell sugar, it can’t survive. So ketogenics simply means meats, veggies, some fruits. It’s kind of staying away from refined sugar, staying away from carbs.

John:            A lot of pasta.

Donna:         Staying away from breads and pastas. And listen we all have cancer cells in our body. This is a way for you to starve those cancer cells, so hopefully they won’t grow up and become full blown cancer cells. Check out www.donnakrechstore.com for more information. If you’re local come to Planet Health because we really do care about helping this person.

John:            Absolutely.

Donna:         This is what we study all the time. Hopefully we’ve been a blessing to you. Talk to you next time.


Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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