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How Vitamin D Makes A Mark On Your Body

Hey there, I’m Donna Krech and welcome to A Healthy Conversation.

Now, I’ve shared with many of you when I’ve been out there speaking and teaching or John’s been working with your at Planet Health, and the many places that we get to be exposed to you and your life, that at home we have a lot of conversations about health. Physical health, spiritual health, relational health, as a matter of fact, it’s all he and I talk about. And you’ve asked me several times “I wound if I’d be able to get in on some of those conversations. Boy would that be great.” Well, we came up with A Healthy Conversation so you could come into our home and get in on those conversations.

Now you can tell when you’re viewing this episode it’s Christmas time. I know you can see it behind me. And it won’t matter when you view the episode because regardless of the decorations, the trust remains the same. I have to address these decorations though. I’m a bit of a Christmas tree addict. There are a lot of Christmas trees in this house, some sixteen feet tall and some little like this guy right here.

And while some people love the great big trees and comment on those, a lot of people really love the smaller trees and that’s proof that it doesn’t matter the size of the tree with regard to the impact it makes on the person. And that’s just like Vitamin D. We’re going to talk about how Vitamin D, a little tiny, itty, bitty yellow capsule makes a mark on your body.

JOHN:                  I can’t believe you just tied in Christmas trees with vitamins.


DONNA:             [Laughs]


JOHN:                  How do you make that happen?


DONNA:             Listen I could tie up Christmas and anything.


JOHN:                  Anything, that’s true.


DONNA:             Because I love Christmas trees.


JOHN:                  That’s true.


DONNA:             So our friend here is standing in our kitchen with us. I want to talk about Vitamin D. Now they probably know that a couple of years ago it helped me a lot through Epstein-Barr, I want to talk about the basics because in our last episode we talked about calcium and magnesium.


JOHN:                  Well magical things happened about four or five years in the medical community because they started testing for vitamin levels, specifically Vitamin D levels in a person’s body. And what they found out is that when Vitamin D went down in your bloodstream, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia went up dramatically. So, if you ever to a doctor, ask them to have your Vitamin D levels checked and they will check those out. The magic number is thirty.


DONNA:             So when I have my Vitamin D checked, all I need to know is that the magic number is thirty? Because the doctor may not know that.


JOHN:                  Yeah. At least when you have. . .it means thirty nanograms every milliliters of blood. What that means is that if you have at least thirty nanograms in your blood, it means you have sufficient amount going through your bloodstream.


DONNA:             Which most of us don’t have.


JOHN:                  And that’s where the Osteoporosis and Osteopenia starts getting in there big time. So what we really want to do is, we want to take a supplemental Vitamin D. Now, the best way to get Vitamin D in your system in through the sunlight. About fifteen to twenty minutes, about two or three times a week, will give you plenty of Vitamin D, but most of us don’t get in the sun that much. So, taking a supplement is the second best way. You want to take about four to five thousand, and Vitamin D is measured in units, so you always want to take about four to five thousand units a day. That raises your Vitamin D levels up in your bloodstream to about fifty or sixty nanograms. Now that’s where all of the immune system boosting properties and infections boosting properties and the cancer properties really pop in.


DONNA:             Which is why it helped with Epstein. But let’s go back to Osteoporosis for a second. So with our TotalLife that would be two?


JOHN:                  That would be two because there are two thousand units per capsule. (Since the time of this video recording we’ve reformulated our Vitamin D3 to 5ooo IU)


DONNA:             And that would help a woman, especially, with Osteoporosis prevention, right?


JOHN:                  That’s exactly right because it helps you absorb calcium. That’s the one of the main things for absorbing calcium: having your Vitamin D levels up.


DONNNA:           Okay, so Vitamin D good for Osteoporosis. Two of our TotalLife a day and if they’ve got one that five thousands units, that would be one a day, right?


JOHN:                  Correct.


DONNA:             It helps the magnesium and the calcium work better, plus we’ll share in another episode about the whole, it helped with Epstein-Barr.


JOHN:                  And like you said, they’re just little teeny pills.


DONNA:             Itty, bitty, tiny, tiny things. Yeah. So next time maybe we’ll tell people about vitamins with shoes, instead of Christmas trees.


JOHN:                  You really tied vitamins in with Christmas trees?


DONNA:             Listen, you can find all of the products that we talk about at Donnakrechstore.com.  Talk to you next time.


Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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