Why Set Goals? By Donna Krech

Today we’re going to talk about something pretty important.

The pretty important thing is goals, specifically your goals.

It’s kind of second nature for me to be in the mindset of goals. I’ve taught goal workshops. I love attending goal workshops. And it never occurred to me, true confession, that not everybody sets goals. It turns out only about 3% of the world sets goals. But the 3% of the world that set goals are the people that are the most successful, they’re the most healthy, they’re the most happy. They’re the most affluent, they’re the most in love. It’s like they’re achieving big things because they set goals.

So, I’m like, okay, so then if folks want to set goals and they don’t know how to or not sure setting goals works or even where to start…click the video and let’s get started!


Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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