The Complete New-Every-Single-Month, Never-Get Bored, Fall-In-Love-With-Cooking Cookbook Has Arrived!

The Complete New-Every-Single Month, Never-Get-Bored, Fall-In Love-With-Cooking Cookbook Subscription is now available!

This cookbook is so different!!  You don’t ever get bored because we’re giving you new recipes every single month with a new theme and your cookbook just continues to build so you are able to go back to a theme.

For Thanksgiving you might go back to the holiday themed book, or maybe just the Thanksgiving recipes.

If it’s Taco Tuesday you’re going to the Mexican-style inspired recipes.

If you want a fun dessert that’s delicious and something you can eat that is healthy but everybody else will love you will go back to the dessert recipes.

Your virtual cookbook will just keep building and you’re never bored and quite honestly you fall in love with cooking because you are creating something beautiful and tastes delicious even if you don’t like cooking, you’ll be excited about cooking because it is so easy.

We’ve got new themed recipes every month! We are showing you how to build this ongoing cookbook that is themed, easy to use, the recipes are easy to make, they are delicious, beautiful and did I mention they are themed! And all this for the tiny price of only $7 per month!

Order yours now and have instant access to volume one, We Scream For Ice Cream – That Makes Weight Loss Easy!

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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