Get That ‘But’ Out Of Your Mouth

If you want to reach your goals you must shrink the size of your but.

Food for Thought…..
Get that BUT out of your mouth!!
“I want to be healthy, but my whole family is overweight”
“I want to pursue my dreams, but I don’t know how.”
“I want to love my work, but ‘those other people’ make it hard.”
“I want deeper friendships, but nobody calls.”
“I want to have hope, but I feel anxious all the time.”


Seriously, friend…the word ‘but’ literally negates whatever just preceded it. So, when you say ‘but’ you’re over-riding the former words.

Your mind takes this as you saying “I don’t really want it.” Thus, the neuropathways of your brain go to work on seeing to it that you DON’T achieve your goal.

Words matter, folks. Words matter!!

Try this.state what you want WITHOUT inserting the ‘but’. Don’t over-think it or force logic on it. Just do it. When you do this, you allow the pathways of your mind to open up and flow in that direction. Thus, thoughts, words and actions of what you desire, begin to occur!
I want to be healthy.
I want to pursue my dreams.
I want to love my work.
I want deeper friendships.
I want to have hope.
See what I mean? No negating!!

By stating what you want, without negating it, you allow your dream to flow freely and your mind to go to work on what you want to see happen.

Is it magic? Of course not. Yet, you will find the obstacle gets much smaller and holds far less power.. Certainly, the full achievement of your goal isn’t going to occur without work.

However, it can NEVER occur if you don’t get that BUT out of your mouth!!
Here’s to being happy, healthy and fully alive!
Donna Krech
Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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