A Healthy Conversation–Are You Toxic?

DONNA:                     Hey there, welcome to A Healthy Conversation. So, we’re back at the lake house. This is where we come to chill, right?


JOHN:                         I’ve heard that.


DONNA:                     Yeah. The reason we’re saying this is where we come to chill pretty much is because the last couple of episodes, we’ve been talking about balancing out moods and getting people stable so that they don’t feel anxious, depressed —


JOHN:                         All the above.


DONNA:                     All the above. So, two weeks ago we talked about how to deal with situations with depression. Last week we talked about the fact that sex hormones, especially if you’re a woman, could be at play. You know female sex hormones do affect some women —


JOHN:                         I’ve heard that.


DONNA:                     To make them slightly irritable —


JOHN:                         Irritable?


DONNA:                     On occasion.


JOHN:                         Cantankerous.


DONNA:                     You know on rare occasion.


JOHN:                         Hard to live with.


DONNA:                     It doesn’t happen often.


JOHN:                         No.


DONNA:                     Right, exactly. So anyway, today we’re going to talk about something that most people have a clue could affect your moods, your anxiety, depression, irritability, worry – and that’s your liver. People are going, “Liver?”


JOHN:                         It weighs about three and a half pounds. It’s actually your biggest internal organ.


DONNA:                     Biggest. It’s massive, right? Compared especially in size to a body like mine. And this is a filter, and it filters the toxins through your blood. Now you hear it, because it’s pretty common these days, toxins, to get rid of your toxins, there are toxin cleanses. But what John’s going to share with us today is about Silymarin, which is the root that builds Milk Thistle. But let’s just talk about how do I know if I might have toxicity built up in my liver?


JOHN:                         Well, we come in contact with over 10,000 different binders, fillers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives in our diet. Besides all the pesticides, herbicides and everything else that we’re just —


DONNA:                     Breathing in.


JOHN:                         Breathing in all the time.


DONNA:                     Walking around the yard.


JOHN:                         Well yeah, just nothing but a toxic environment. Now your liver is a lot like an oil filter in your car, it kind of does the same thing. 25% of the blood that comes out of the heart goes right into the liver for purification. Except you can’t take it out every 3,500 miles like you can with a car.


DONNA:                     Bad idea.


JOHN:                         So, you have to clean it out. You know we’re full of toxins. 75% of the toxins are sitting in our intestinal tracks so we know about colon cleanses and those types of things, but we ignore the liver and the kidneys which are big detoxification organs. So, one of the best ways to detoxify it is with a product called Milk Thistle. Now we sell a product called Silymarin which is the active – Now there’s ingredients in every herb out there, Silymarin is the active ingredient that makes Milk Thistle work.


DONNA:                     So, if I take Silymarin tell me what’s going to happen in here.


JOHN:                         Well first of all it cleans the liver out. That’s probably one of the most important things. Second of all —


DONNA:                     Does that mean it makes the liver work —


JOHN:                         It works better.


DONNA:                     Better?


JOHN:                         Exactly.


DONNA:                     So, it really goes full force to detoxify the blood?


JOHN:                         Exactly.


DONNA:                     Okay.


JOHN:                         Now the second thing is it actually rebuilds the liver. Now I have person experience when I was going through all the chemotherapy several years, and this is about three or four years after I had had the chemo. Still toxic because I had double what I was supposed to have.


DONNA:                     And you found that out with a blood test.


JOHN:                         Blood test, exactly.


DONNA:                     So, what I did, is I got myself on a regiment of taking Milk Thistle or Silymarin over about – Now it takes about two months to clean the liver out.


JOHN:                         Three of them a day.


DONNA:                     At least three of them a day, exactly.


JOHN:                         I noticed a huge difference after about a month and a half, two months. I mean my endurance, stamina, everything came back again.


DONNA:                     Which was proof there were toxins at work. Which was proof there was toxicity in his body. After he took three Silymarin a day for a couple of months and started feeling amazing, that was proof that the liver wasn’t quite doing what it was supposed to be doing.


JOHN:                         Well, it was doing it, but because I had so much —


DONNA:                     Chemo build up.


JOHN:                         Chemo which are heavy metals, and it takes such a long period of time for the liver to detoxify, that it was just – It would have taken me years and years to get back where it needed to be.


DONNA:                     You know what a lot of people don’t realize is that they’re on a weight loss plan where you’re breaking down the fat in your body—and we tell people this with our 20/30 Fast Track plan because Silymarin is part of it—that when you’re breaking down fat in your body, your liver really needs to be revved up.


JOHN:                         Detoxing too.


DONNA:                     Because it needs to detoxify because of the fatty tissues that are being broken down, so Silymarin needs to be a part of things. You know a medical professional told me recently when I was working on the hormones that alcoholics are actually given Milk Thistle Silymarin and it actually replaces – Or not replaces but makes the liver work even in the situation of somebody who’s an alcoholic. So, this stuff really works. This stuff really works.


JOHN:                         It does. It truly does. Great stuff.

DONNA:                     To order our TotalLife Silymarin you can visit our Fully Alive Nation store here.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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