What If… By Donna Krech

So today I have a question for you. Question has two words? What if?

The What If Game

When I was in high school probably started in middle school truth be known, I had a best friend and we would play a game called “What If.”

We talked for hours… We would put ourselves into the future and probably at the time, let’s be real, we were probably talking about boys. But we might have been talking about what we wanted to be when we’re an adult, we might have been talking about what if we could afford amazing outfits. We might have been talking about having closer friendships, we might have been talking about getting better grades we might have been talking about if his situation in our home was different. I mean, who knows.

For hours, we would say, what if this? And we’d create a picture? What if so and so liked you? And what if you were his girlfriend? And what if you guys went to the roller rink on Friday night and went skating and you held hands? Okay, look like we were 12. But the game what if still works today.

101 Goals

Now there is an author out there of Chicken Soup for the Soul, you probably know that book series. One of the authors is Mark Victor Hansen. Mark, Victor Hansen teaches that having 101 goals every year is a place to start.

Whoa, that’s daunting. 101, right? But I decided to take him up on his challenge.

I have a little cheat sheet I’m going to give you, and I’m sure this is how I was able to write the 101 goals. Now, obviously the goals have to be very specific so I didn’t say I want my health to improve. I said, I want the energy of a 20-year-old. I said I want to look 20 years younger. I said I want my skin to be glowing.

What if you could be at peak health? What would that look like specifically? So, it’s not better health. It’s not lose weight. It’s not get fit. It’s not, I don’t know, have face work. It’s not a buy outfits that look good on me. It’s all of these, specific.

Setting Specific Goals

Okay, now, this is my favorite category. Let’s set some goals.

What if with you redeeming time, because see, the thing is, when this moment passes, we’re never getting it back again. Never. People can always make more money, they can lose weight, they can increase their health. They can even make new friends but you’re not going to get time back. Right?

So goals for redeeming time. Now let me help you with that. Redeeming time might look like recreation. What do you want to do this year for time for you? Redeeming time might look like education. What do you want to learn this year? See, those are two very different things where you can set very specific goals. Right?

How about relaxation? How about dedication, dedication to God, dedication to your family dedication to starting your morning in a really helpful way. I call that a mindful morning. dedication to your rejuvenation. All kinds of ways you can set goals for time.

How about goals for love, date nights, game nights, time making memories or creating bedtime rituals with your children or grandchildren.

See it starts to become easy to really let yourself dream into the what if world and coming up with the what ifs or how you start narrowing down the goals.

What about money? Income budgeting, savings? Getting out of debt, building retirement college funds? A home you’ve always wanted… money goals.

What about work or business? Achievement moving up?

What about God? Your spiritual walk getting to know him more?

At FullyAliveGoals.com we talk about these kinds of things. Start setting your goals because what if you could achieve them?

You can.

Beth Hammond

Beth Hammond

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