The Best Things In Life Are Not Things

There could be a lot of opinions about the best things in life. But, I think the 100% consensus would be that those things, are not things, at all.

Some time ago, I wrote about the only 4 things you need in order to be happy.

One of those things is someone to love. Another is something to do. Another is something to look forward to. And the last is the health and energy to enjoy at all.

When I found this image, it hit me pretty hard. Because each time I have written words, “Someone to love,” there has been something within me that has felt uneasy. Or, at least, unsure.

I think what keeps a person getting out of bed is having someone to love. But, I think what keeps a person going, is having someone who loves them.

I have gone through a situation in my life where someone who loved me unconditionally, became someone whose love was very conditional. Actually, it seemed to simply be taken away. What makes it tougher is that very open, unconditional love is shown to others

My solution to the pain and grieving I have dealt with over this, is the following.

We have to look within ourselves and see if there is anything that we have done to cause someone to stop loving us. If there is, we need to apologize. We need to also love people, even if they don’t seem to love us. Did I look within myself? Yes.

Did I ask for forgiveness? Yes. And then everything was hunky dory, right? Wrong.

Just because you look within yourself and ask for forgiveness, the relationship may never go back to the way it was. It is very hard for some people to forgive. It is very hard for some people to look within themselves.

The bottom line is, hurt people, hurt people. And, unfortunately, sometimes the reason people are hurting us is because we hurt them. I know that’s deep. It’s also true.

So, we need to be healthy about all of it. We need to love them when we’re around them, but not go in expecting anything in return. We just need to love them. Period.

We need to build relationships with people by loving them. And, we need to treasure and continuously grow the relationships with people who show us love.

It won’t always be easy because you’ll want things to feel the same. They won’t feel the same. Love, anyway.

Even if you must do it from a distance. And, the love will be different. Love anyway.

Even if you ask for forgiveness and it doesn’t seem to ever be given. Love anyway.

Sometimes things happen in life. We can over-think them and analyze them to pieces or we can just choose to look inward, ask for forgiveness and then move on in a healthy way.

Know this… it is tough for a lot of people to have introspect. It is very easy for most people to cast blame.

You may be able to look inward. The person who has changed their love toward you may only be able to cast blame. That may simply be how it is.

You have to be OK with that and feel great about the fact that you know how to look at your own behavior. This is healthy and this is how you grow.

I look at this image today and I realize it is important to have someone to love. AND I know, it is so vital to have people who love us.

Here’s a key, revelation I received as I sat here, this morning, processing and praying through this. I believe if we love others will feel loved.

At the end of the day, I think the people who treasure us are people we treasure. I think the people who care for us our people we care for. And, yes, I believe the people who love us are the people we love.

Turns out… I guess it is all about having someone to love, after all. Isn’t it?

I’m not sure who this message was for today. It’s quite possible it was only for me. I don’t think so, though. I felt a very strong unction to share it with you. So, it was, perhaps, for you too.

Have a wonderful day, my friend.

Please know… you are loved. I care about what happens to you.

And, I am covering you in thought and prayer, even as I close this message.

Donna Krech

Donna Krech

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