RIME New York Experience @ Rob's Location

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Location: Rob Mirth's Location inAllentown, PA
Start Time: Sep 20, 2019
End Time: Bonus Days - New York with Donna - $950! (only 10 available)
Airport: Fly into Philadelphia.  For bonus days, fly out of LaGuardia or Newark. Arrive on afternoon of Sep 19


  • RIME - Rapid Implementation Marketing Experience
    • Learn and implement all of the techniques learned at the August 21 Virtual Marketing Meeting
    • We will teach you how to do it -- and if you need help, we can even do it for you!
    • Many methods that can get 12-15 new 20/30 Fast Track Clients each month for
    • The methods either cost $0 to implement or have very low costs
    • Includes...
      • Check-in + Contagious Wellness
      • Friend of a Friend
      • Facebook Event Marketing
      • Email
      • Target Marketing
      • And more!


  • Optional Bonus
    • Available for only 10 people
    • Life’s short don’t miss a minute of it
    • New York is one of her favorite places
    • Night of 20th, have a Limo Bus booked
    • Drive into city
      • Mansions on 5th Ave
      • Amazing broadway show that will change your life
      • Tour of the city to create thousands of memories
      • Investment for $950
      • Event on 20th – Bonus for 2 days
      • Fly into Phildelphia afternoon of 19th
      • Fly out of LaGuardia or Newark on Sunday
      • Or take a Lyft back to Philly and fly out of Philly
      • Includes
        • Deluxe accommodations