Live Your Best - CD Set

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Inspiration for Today's Woman from Today's Top Motivators


Get motivated! Get inspired! It’s a multi-day retreat in a box, featuring Donna Krech and some of the world’s leading speakers on what is important to you.


* Donna Krech : The Seven Secrets to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

* Dianna Booher: Get A Life: How to Find Time for the Really Important Things

* Roxanne Emmerich: Permission To Be Extraordinary: The Secret Strategies of Women Who Have It All

* Naomi Rhode: Be More: Becoming All You Were Meant To Be

* Zig Ziglar: Building A Healthy Self-Image

* Chris Widener: The Best Test - Characteristics Of Success

* Marjorie Brody: Market Your Magic

* Connie Podesta: The Journey

* Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel: Leading Under Pressure…And Making A Difference

* Loral Langemeier: Consciously Designing and Achieving Your Financial Freedom and Abundant Life

* Laura Stack, MBA: Leave The Office Earlier

* Glenna Salsbury: A Passion for People - You Can Live the Life You Long For

* Elizabeth Jeffries: Connecting: High Powered Strategies for Successful Communications

* Marilyn Sherman: Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?


With Live Your Best on 14 audio compact discs, you’ll be entertained and challenged by stories from today’s top experts. From wealth-building to weight loss, from time management to transforming the workplace, the Live Your Best audio suite offers hours of inspiration and enrichment to power-up your influence in all areas of the work environment and the home.