Go MAD Marketing Interview with Don Garlitz - Workbook

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If you wanna make a big a difference with your business, remember this, "When you show up, show up BIG!
If this sounds like something you want, you’ll want to check out an interview I did with BIG DADDY Don Garlits, voted the greatest drag racer of all time. Literally a legend in his industry, Don and I talked about how Passion + Innovation = Legendary Purpose Led Profit.
If you have passion for what you do, you'll love this interview.
If you have dreams for the future of your business, you'll love this interview.
If you want to know how legends become legends, you'll love it.
If you're interested in how mega successful folks invest their money, handle setbacks and overcome horrific circumstances to return better than ever.... you'll love this interview.
And if you know God called you to do what you do and are certain you are to do BIG things with that calling, listen in to learn how Don has seen God provide massive favor in his life over and over.
Finally, if you simply love stories of real people accomplishing great things, just by being who they are.... you'll love this interview, and all the stories I share with you from the real people I am blessed to know.